Flag candles

Changes your perspective


Control your wild horse ! 

This is the first and the most important rule in the binary options trading system. As a human being we don't like to loose. Never mind whatever it is, but we simply don't like it. Especially when people are trading in 60 seconds binary options, they are always thinking to win on the next candle, and putting more money which they can not recover. This is the wild horse living inside of us, and if you release the robes, if you give it freedom, it will take your control and you will loose all of your investment at the end. 


When we should stop trading ? 

I depends on weather you are following "two trades and stop " or "continuous trading" strategy. If you have 4 times sequential lost after the flag candle and if your budget is lower than 1000 USD/EUR then you must stop trading, if your budget is higher, then you can go up to 8th level. You must be careful if the flag candle's body or previous candletick is too long. Don't forget, never exceed your limits that you can recover in the following 5 trades and don't hesitate to stop trading.

The another very important case is more then two flagcandles comes after eachother (3 or more), STOP trading and wait about 10 minutes for the next trade.

Be careful, if trend is in between first support and resistance levels, and no volume (candlesticks usually very short), better not to trade.  


Never trade against to trend !

When you look at the chart, you can see reverse candlesticks after each 3-4-5 same candlesticks, but trading against to trend is one of the biggest mistake which people usually makes. Remember trend line is our friend. Don't fight against to it.


Don't forget to refresh your page !

If you forget to refresh your page time to time, you can encounter a message like "Not logged in" at the very important moment. 


Check the synchronization of your mt4 platform and your broker's web page !

Before you start to trade, you must check the synchronization of your mt4 platform and your broker's web page. Usually mt4 platform is about 1 second late but it can be vise versa.


If you are late to trade wait for another opportunity !

Many broker's asking for approval after you press the Call / Put button, it may delay your trade one or more seconds. Especially within the 60 seconds binary option trading that one second can become very important because current market price can go up or down instantly and it may cause you to lost the trade. So, if you are already late wait for the another 60 second.







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